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          Students, nurses, medical doctors, psychologists, and allied health workers all use clinical observation as a key pillar of educational and skills development programs. A simple, effective video recording and observation system is an invaluable tool that will create better-prepared clinicians. This technology increases observation hours and enhances collaboration, all while improving student and patient outcomes. IVS currently works with clinics across many clinical disciplines – follow the link below to learn more about how IVS VALT can be leveraged for clinical skills training.

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          Education and Training

          Video is a proven tool to better educate, train, engage and inspire students at any level of the educational process. A high-quality video capture system can empower its users to create a video library that can accelerate the learning process. The IVS VALT solution is giving instructors powerful ways to provide instant feedback, coaching, and live supervision. This helps organizations of all kinds attract and produce top talent.? Follow the link for more information on the Video Audio Learning Tool (VALT).

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          Interview Recording

          Law enforcement, child advocacy, correctional facilities, and local government agencies can all benefit from a high quality, easy-to-use video recording and observation system. By securely and reliably capturing important evidentiary interviews, the IVS VALT solution can save time, money, and positively impact lives in our communities. Follow the link below to learn more.

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          Research organizations are deploying VALT to create powerful, agile, and customizable video recording systems for their medical or behavioral research facilities, focus groups, product testing, user experience development, and usability testing. VALT software can synchronize high definition audio, video, and screen recordings during live observation and review. Follow the link below to learn more.

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          Simulation-based learning environments are critical components of many professions. When leveraging audio, vital sign, and multi-camera angle capture for observation and instant debriefing is equally critical, an effective video observation and recording system must make this process simple, secure, reliable, and flexible. The IVS VALT solution can simplify this complex procedure so instructors can focus on teaching, not on video manuals. Follow the link below to see how the IVS VALT solution can be integrated into any simulation environment.

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